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Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers

The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, have been great supporters of the motorcycle community across the USA and we feel, here at the Lost Highway Festival, that we couldn’t have a better law firm as a sponsor. They are a huge part of the motorcycle community at large and know what motorcycle riders and their families need when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies after being injured in a motorcycle accident.

Here are some reviews from very happy riders from around the motorcycle community who knew to call the Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Attorneys when they needed legal assistance.


I was hit on my motorcycle by someone making a right turn from the left lane. After being taken to the hospital and checked out, I decided to call Law Tigers. My first contact was with Micah. Micah was attentive and asked the questions that mattered and said that they would take my case. He stayed in touch regularly during the beginning, until it was turned over to Nicole to gather all the information and make sure that I was checked out by a physician and physical therapy was began. They spoke to each and everyone one involved in my rehab and made the whole thing as smooth as butter. Kristen Morino was the paralegal that took over when it was time to negotiate all the billing. I would email her weekly to get updates and she never failed to email me back, usually that same day, with courtesy and personal attention. The Law Tigers handled everything with precision and never once failed to ask how I was recovering. Special thanks to Kristen. You really made recovery easier, by not making me worry about the legal issues and billing.

Dwayne S.


I was in a motorcycle accident in March and then an auto accident in July. The other driver was at fault in both of these accidents. I have received medical attention that was needed with no problems. I have been treated well and helped when needed. I do thank Debra for her concerns on my situation do to these accidents in helping me. It is a company that I would use again if needed.

David A.


My name is Elizabeth. I was in an accident with my fiancé, who was in two accidents. One of his accidents was while he was driving our motorcycle. We were not at fault for either accidents. During the time dealing with the insurance company I have found Debra to be knowledgeable and a caring person. I am impressed with her professionalism. Debra is one of the few people I can say contacts you and answers any questions in a timely manner. I would recommend my friends to call Law Tigers and recommend they ask to speak to Ms. Debra McDonald.

Elizabeth A


Kristen and the Law Tigers were great and attentive! They helped me recover more than I could have hoped for. I would never go to another attorney or firm and I doubt I would ever get the type of results that I did with them. Thank you for all of your dedication and help. I hope I never need another lawyer again, but if I do, I would not hesitate calling Kristen and the Law Tigers!!!

Beebe AM


The best Law firm that we had the pleasure to deal with .... Scott, Micah and Kristen are a great Team ... Kristen you are the best and enjoy working with you, thank you for everything!!! 100% recommended.

Linda R.


If you are injured in a motorcycle accident whether it was in California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, South Dakota or Florida, or anywhere in the US call the Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers.